I take a lot of pictures. Like, a lot. So many that my friends have called me the historian of our group for years. I’m always the one with the digital camera out on weekends and uploading things to Facebook.

As a result, I have more than 17,000 pictures (I know, holy shit) saved on my computer documenting life since my sophomore year of college (because freshman year i was still using a disposable camera, I’m old).

My little macbook has been dying a slow death for the last year or so and my only concern was storing my photos somewhere that they could live forever without taking up my entire hard drive or risk losing them when my computer goes to Apple care.

Enter Dropbox and Google Drive. Between the two of them I’ve been able to save the majority of my pictures for free, online, where they will stay forever and not have to worry.

I know this is probably old news to some of you but for those of you like me who want to ensure things are saved and not make your computer run like a POS - check them out. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.